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What is a Mortgage Broker?

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The Definition of Mortgage Broker as quoted from the Oxford Dictionary. “A person or company that arranges mortgages between borrowers and lenders: get an independent mortgage broker to check the deal represents a good rate.” Unlike many Mortgage Brokerage Firms, AAA Mortgage Solutions remains a truly independently owned service that is NOT part of a Read More

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What are Comparison Rates?

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There’s nothing worse than sitting down with a lender and realising that you speak a completely different language! I’m not talking literally of course, but navigating the loan market minefield can be even harder when your lender is using highly technical terms. One term that you will see and hear frequently when shopping around for Read More

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Why Use a AAA Mortgage Solutions Broker?

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The answers are simple: We will work for you, not the banks! We are Award Winning, Licensed Finance Professionals Convenience: we will come to you at a time that suits you. We are an independently owned South Australian-based company. Save Time Your broker can do the groundwork for you, making it easier to find a Read More

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Will Changes to Investor Lending Affect Me?

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If you’re thinking about buying your first investment property you might have heard about the changes to investor lending. Buying an investment property is a great way to grow your wealth and diversify your assets but recent changes to investor lending have left people feeling unsure. Investment loans are loans that you are given to Read More

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