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At AAA Mortgage Solutions we aim to provide the very best service for our customers, therefore in the event that you are unhappy regarding any part of our service, we have an internal resolution process in place to assist in satisfying any complaint. In addition to this scheme, AAA Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd, through its membership of the MFAA, is also a member of the Credit Ombudsman Scheme Limited.


Complaints Officer
Joe Vancura (Head of Compliance & Risk Management) Tel: (08) 8182 5555
Then Deputy Complaints Officer
Anthony Vancura  Tel: (08) 8182 5555


The Complaints Officers are senior personnel in our organisation and have the necessary experience and authority to handle your complaint and make relevant decisions on outcomes.

The complaint need not be in writing and may be presented to us by any reasonable means, for example letter, telephone, email or in person.

You can also contact us on/at:

Post: Suite 5/32-36 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes SA 5096
Phone: (08) 8182 5555
Fax: (08) 8182 5500

Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of the Internal Dispute Resolution process you also have the option of contacting the Australian Financial Complaints Authority on:

Free call: 1800 931 678
Fax: 03 9613 6399


AAA Mortgage Solutions ensures that at all times all staff and consultants who deal with (or are likely to deal with) customers, are aware of the name, title and telephone number of the Member’s Complaints Contact Officer and Deputy Complaints Contact Officer.

Each staff member or consultant is also instructed in how to transfer a Customer who has a complaint to our Complaints Contact Officer or Deputy Complaints Contact Officer; and what customer details to record if the Complaints Contact Person or Deputy Complaints Contact Officer is for any reason unavailable (this information will include a minimum of the name, telephone number, and description of the product or transaction to which the customers complaint relates). AAA Mortgage Solutions undertake not to charge any fee in respect to any complaint made.


A Customer’s complaint will not be investigated by the Complaints Contact Officer or Deputy Complaints Contact Officer if they are in any way involved in the subject matter of the complaint.


We will provide a written acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint within 24 hours, unless the complaint is otherwise resolved in the meantime.

We will ensure that a substantive response is given to your complaint as soon as possible, but within thirty (30) days (or 21days if your complaint relates to default or hardship notices) of receipt of your complaint.

If we cannot respond to your complaint within thirty (30) (or 21days if your complaint relates to default or hardship notices) days, we will inform you of the reasons for the delay and of your right to refer the complaint to the Mortgage Industry Ombudsman Scheme.

We will have substantially responded to your complaint if we:

  • Accept the complaint and, if appropriate, offer redress, or
  • Offer redress without accepting the complaint; or
  • Reject the


We will give you a written response to your complaint and the reasons for reaching a particular decision on the complaint and will adequately address the issues that are raised in your complaint.

Where practicable, our response will refer to applicable provisions in legislation, Codes, Standards or Procedures.


If we accept your complaint and are of the view that it is appropriate to offer redress to you, that redress may be non-financial as well as, or instead of, financial. If we consider that a financial remedy is appropriate then we will provide compensation for any direct loss or damage caused.

We will, when determining the appropriate remedy, take into consideration the extent of loss or damage suffered by you, relevant legal principles, the MFAA Code of Practice and other relevant codes of conduct and concepts of fairness and relevant industry best practice.


We will keep data concerning your complaint in such form and manner as we think fit and will enable analysis according to:

  • Type of complainant;
  • Subject of complaint;
  • Outcome of complaint;
  • Timeliness of response.

So that we can identify any systematically recurring problems, we will as far as is practicable and relevant, classify complaints according to the particular provision of the MFAA Code of Practice alleged by you to have been breached.

Subject to legal constraints including constraints as to privacy, we will make available data collected in respect of your complaint to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


We will review our Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures every three (3) years to ensure that our complaints systems are operating effectively.

This document was reviewed on 27/09/202.

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