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Why Use a AAA Mortgage Solutions Broker?

By admin | 14 Sep 2015

The answers are simple:

  • We will work for you, not the banks!
  • We are Award Winning, Licensed Finance Professionals
  • Convenience: we will come to you at a time that suits you.
  • We are an independently owned South Australian-based company.

Save Time
Your broker can do the groundwork for you, making it easier to find a loan suited to your needs. Moreover, they’ll manage the application and approval process.

Industry Expertise
Your mortgage broker knows what loans are out there, so you can expect to receive current information on the most suitable loan options available for your needs.

An Easier Journey
Your broker can help you source the most appropriate type of mortgage, manage the paperwork and keep you updated during the whole mortgage process.

Even if you have had your share of credit issues or your financial situation is “outside the square”, our brokers may still be able to help.

Our service is:

  • Free of charge to you because the lenders pay us
  • Will be at a time and place that suits you 7 days a week

At the appointment we will:

  • Compare hundreds of Home Loan options and find the right one for you
  • Calculate your borrowing power and let you know your repayments
  • Explain different loan features, options, fees and charges
  • Give you expert advice and help you make the right choice
  • Explain bank jargon, like Lenders Mortgage Insurance, P&I, LVR etc
  • Answer all of your questions
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