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Timing the market.

By admin | 14 Jan 2016

Given Australia’s historically low national cash rate, it’s a robust time for the property market – presenting ideal conditions for property investment and the chance for first time buyers to ‘get in’ at a low interest rate, too.

Many looking to buy property – either as owner-occupiers or investors – might be sitting on the fence and waiting for the market to lean more favourably towards their position.

While some investors believe it’s not timing the market, it’s the time you’re in the market that’s important, others are dedicated to a counter-cyclical strategy.

Buying when the market is low, these investors look to leverage growth over a limited timeframe, selling when demand soars. Confused yet?

Speculation surrounding the next interest rate increase (or dip) makes it extremely difficult to know when is ‘go time’ for you.

Ultimately, it’s essential to assess your own situation – both financially and personally – before taking on new debt.

If you’re an investor, some strategic buying and selling might play to your advantage – but wait too long and your plan could backfire. In any case, now’s the time to consult with your broker and put a plan in place to play the market, your way.

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