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Selling your Property in Summer? Increase its Value

By admin | 21 Dec 2015

Summer is a great time to sell and a better time to renovate. People are in a better mood – the future looks bright and they’re looking for home loans to secure their future house and haven.  Renovating your house to increase its value is just plain easy in summer – if it’s not too hot working outdoors is a dream, and there’s always a few cold beers to look forward to after you’ve got the job done for the day.

Let’s look at how to really increase the value of your place with some simple DIY renovation tips.

Look After the Garden!

Your front yard is often the first chance that you’ll get to make an impression on a potential buyer – and first impressions truly last. Make sure that your garden is looking its best and that your yard is dressed to impress. Trim the grass, prune your trees, rake up any loose leaf and debris and make sure that you water the garden over summer! A yard full of dead grass and plants isn’t exactly inviting, but a vibrant and verdant garden will raise the value of your property.

Do Some Touch Ups

This is particularly relevant for weatherboard homes. If the outside of your home needs some paint and possibility even some repairs then this will negatively impact the value of your home,  as the new owners are just going to have to funnel some money into doing it up. Circumvent this and get your house looking good for sale by touching up the outside – a fresh coat of paint and some sealant and you’ll boost the value of your property.

Clean Your Gutters!

This is easily overlooked, but clogged and dirty gutters can end up causing water damage to your roof and presenting a headache and hassle for the new owners. If you’re safely able to – get on a ladder and get to clearing out your gutters so your roof can properly drain off any excess water when it rains. If you’re unable to use a ladder or find it risky then ask a friend or family member to help you with this quick and easy job.

How’s the Paint Inside?

Another way to improve the value of your property is to make sure that the inside looks good. Check out the paint job indoors – does it need a fresh coat? Are there any cracks or other minor damages that you could patch over and then paint over? On this as well, check your bathroom’s tiles or lino to see if it needs any work. Little things like this can help you to get more money for your place and also make it easier to sell! Unless you find a DIY mad buyer, most people are going to prefer a place they don’t have to renovate as soon as the move in.

Ask a Friend

We can often have blind spots. Ask a mate or family member to come over and have a look and see if they can make a suggestion! You might be surprised at what they notice…

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