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With proper guidance and in a professional manner.

By admin | 17 Jul 2020

With proper guidance and in a professional manner.

Two months ago, I first talked to my bank which I already had a home loan account, for refinancing and buying a new house. The response was not very good. Then talked to several other mortgage brokers looking for any possibility of applying for a home loan.

“Your credit rating is low” one said. and here is a few others said.
” You are 55, you cant have a loan with 30 year term, maximum you can get is 15 years”
“Your income is not enough for 15 year loan”
” How do you think you are going to pay back?”
” Call me again in 2 years time, when you have saved enough for a deposit”
“Your second job must be at least 2 years old to apply for a loan”

I met John at a moment I have given up hopes and John spoke so gently and explained possibilities and showed me the potential.

“55 years old is good. Good age”
” you have a good credit rate”
“You can have a loan to pay in 30 years”
” Your second job is 6 months old and that would be okay”

John took me on the journey of applying for 2 home loans with proper guidance and in a professional manner. John chose the right bank and the right product that suits my requirement.He skipped the step of having the pre-approval for a loan. He straight went applying for the loan. He took me on this journey providing professional advice, not only about the loan application and helped me at dealing with property managers, and conveyancers. Also, communicated with them on behalf of me whenever necessary providing assurance.

Today is the big day. The settlement of the house is happening today. Thank you John, without you, today is just another day of life.

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