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That was best assistance anyone can get.

By admin | 03 Nov 2015

That was best assistance anyone can get.

I was looking for a house for myself. I had applied for home loan through mortgage broker last year but was declined by the bank. There were no proper guidance’s at all. No proper communications between the broker, bank and me.

Then tried another broker declined again. Even me and my wife both have stable and good sources of income at both time applied for loan.

Then some of my friends suggested to go to bank direct. I went and applied for just pre-approval first, but it was worst idea to do. It took 2 months and still I didn’t get pre-approval for home loan from one of reputed banks in S.A. and I withdrew my application.

Finally my friend gave me a suggestion of Larry Vallelonga from AAA Mortgage Solutions. With his proper and genuine guidance and help to gather necessary documents and I got approved for home loan for my dream house in 2-3 weeks. That was best assistance anyone can get. Would recommend Larry Vallelonga, AAA Mortgage Solutions to every one of my friends.

Thank you Larry
much appreciated


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