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A very straight forward process

By admin | 06 Jul 2018

A very straight forward process

1st Investment Purchase

We kick-started our portfolio with AAA mortgage with Ibrahim as our broker. If we had to deal with the bank ourselves, I do not think our loan application will ever be approved. The micromanagement in dealing with banks requires experience and good relationship; something only mortgage broker could do much better than us. Also, I am sure a lot of difficult discussions happened in the background on our behalf, but having a mortgage broker like Ibrahim, he would devise a way to make things work to satisfy bank’s requirements and tells you the only relevant things you need to do, avoiding more than needed stress.

2nd Investment Purchase

For this property, Ibrahim secured a mortgage for us in a very straight forward process. More and more we realize that investors need to outsource the right people as we cannot do every single thing ourselves. I was overseas during the initial part of this application and having a mortgage broker like Ibrahim as your financial agent, the application was not needed to halt. He would go the extra mile to immediately remind you about what the bank requires as soon as he has the information. He would keep updating you about your loan application, in my case I would get an update roughly every other day.

Thank you.

Mo & Arifa.

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