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Blog: Winter Mortgage Health Check

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winter mortgage health check

Winter is a time when many of us end up at the local friendly Doc’s for a health certificate and a check-up. Even the healthiest of Aussies take time to invest in an annual health check to nip any problems in the bud before they become bigger concerns.

While you’re at it, circle a date on your calendar for an appointment with your broker: your financial health also requires annual maintenance! Your once-healthy home loan may be looking a little under the weather, no longer suiting your financial position, the wider market’s norms or indeed your goals for next financial year.

A home loan health check will typically look at your all-important interest rate: does it match the ultra-low mortgage options now on offer? There may be a better mortgage product available for you which reflects the RBA’s latest rate cuts.

A an appraising eye will also be taken to your personal circumstances: if your family has grown, the kids have moved out or your income pattern has changed, your once bushy-tailed loan might be looking worse for wear. The only way to know if your home loan is healthy?

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