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Top 3 tips for property investors to remember

By admin | 25 Nov 2013

There are many things to consider for property investors.

Whether it's obtaining the right home loan or deciding to rent out a property, the decisions can feel overwhelming.

However, there are some general guidelines all property investors should keep in mind to help make sure they remain on the right track.

Focus on location

While many factors can influence buying a property – current market conditions, price, loan availability – the primary guiding force for investors should be location.

A cheap home won't do investors much good if it's located in an area no one wants to live in.

However, don't only think about how the location looks today, but how it might change in the future.

A property located in the middle of nowhere may be surrounded by shopping centres and fashionable restaurants in the years to come.

In these instances, buying early and cheap can pay off huge.

Properties can always be renovated, but locations are permanent, so investors should keep location front and centre when deciding on a property.

Consider all the angles

It's easy for investors to get caught up in only one way of thinking about their property.

For instance, if the initial plan is to rent out a property for increased income, investors may think they've failed if the rent they collect is not enough to offset mortgage costs.

However, this can result in beneficial tax breaks that can improve an investor's overall financial health.

Try to see the bigger picture when it comes to investment property, accounting for long-term strategies and different ways the property can be used.

Don't be afraid to share the burden

Whether it's simply financial advice or property management services, there are a number of ways for investors to receive help when it comes to their properties.

Investors should never be afraid to seek out help, as professionals exist to streamline the process, and this can often turn a burdensome investment into a lucrative and stress-free endeavour.

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