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By admin | 11 Apr 2016

The best blogs and podcasts for saving

The internet’s a marvellous thing. Not only can watch amazing movies and TV via streaming services like Netflix, you can listen to music to your heart’s content via Spotify and brighten your afternoon work-slump with a few YouTube clips featuring cheeky cats. But more than that: the internet offers multiple resources you can access to better educate yourself about financial matters. Of course, it will never take the place of an in-depth discussion with your trusted broker or financial advisor, but still the internet has an assortment of amazing blog and podcast resources worth exploring to help you save. Here’s our pick of the best!

Bigger Pockets Podcast

One for the real estate fans out there, this number-one rating property podcast is hosted by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner and offers advice on a wide spectrum of topics: from starting a portfolio to whether apartments or houses are a better investment.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Best-selling author and finance mogul Dave Ramsey is focussed on debt management, helping his audience to better manage their money. He doesn’t shy away from tricky subjects either: think entrepreneurship and small business, retirement planning and even bankruptcy.

Freakonomics Radio

From the team who popularised social science and economics with the eponymous book Freakonomics, Freakonomics Radio is hosted by journalist Stephen Dubner and economist Steven Levitt. Not dull by any standards, Freakonomics Radio looks at money in a humorous, global sense.

A great website to start on your savings journey: this clever page offers ideas on budgeting in the house through to investing for retirement. Clear language, plenty of ideas and a great reader forum, too.

Known as The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape’s website and blog are popular with those interested in both saving and building wealth. Accessible and practical, Scott uses everyday examples of savings and investing for people of all ages.

Frugal and Thriving

Financial health begins at home. Practical and charming, this blog encourages its audience to live a life of health and wealth that – although frugal – doesn’t feel like deprivation. Don’t forget to check out the ‘bills’ page!

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