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When is the right time to refinance?

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Situations change, and your finances do too. Something that once suited you – be it an item of clothing, a job or a relationship – may become a poor fit as circumstances change. The same principle of change applies to your home loan – a mortgage that once suited your lifestyle and income may no Read More

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Four Reasons Why You Need a Mortgage Broker

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Many first homebuyers make the common mistake of taking every aspect of the purchase into their own hands. They get tangled up in bank loan approvals, interest rates, collateral, equity, government grants and stamp duty and wind up caught in a tangle of paperwork and zeros, wondering what it all means and how they got Read More

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How to Budget this Christmas

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Christmas time is just around the corner – and for most of us that means spending some money. There are lots of things that we can break out the plastic for as the festive season draws near – presents for friends and family, office secret Santa’s, food, drink, trips away and New Year’s Eve events. Read More

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Houses vs Apartments

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Which is the better investment? Once  upon a time, investing in apartments was  considered inferior to purchasing a house – given  the substantial value growth that ‘house and land’ investment has offered historically. Yet as Australia’s cities  grow  and our population swells, apartments are  now yielding robust returns and creating a level  playing field when Read More

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When should I reassess my home loan?

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You should reassess your home loan at least every 12 months. A change in your circumstances should also prompt a home loan review. This could include: A pay rise and/or new job A growing family Your children beginning to support themselves financially Increasing or decreasing property values At the end of a Fixed Rate period Read More

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