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Tech to the rescue

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The best blogs and podcasts for saving The internet’s a marvellous thing. Not only can watch amazing movies and TV via streaming services like Netflix, you can listen to music to your heart’s content via Spotify and brighten your afternoon work-slump with a few YouTube clips featuring cheeky cats. But more than that: the internet Read More

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Financial planning for a better retirement

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Financial independence in later life does not just come from how much is earned but also from good money management. It is never too early or late to start a good retirement plan. There is a big difference between “making a good living” and “enjoying a good life.” Making a good living refers to a Read More

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Consolidate your debts to reduce stress.

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Consolidating multiple debts into a current mortgage could be a worthwhile exercise to get out of the multiple loan repayment maze. It is not uncommon for one household to have multiple loans by way of mortgages, car loans, personal loans and credit cards. The repayments on these loans and credit cards fall due at various Read More

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How To Both Set, and Reach, Your Property Goals This Year

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What exactly are your property goals for the coming year? Is 2016 the year that you’ll be buying your first home? Or maybe for those of you already established in life the coming year might see the acquisition of your first investment property? Or maybe you already own property but would like to sell up Read More

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Is a holiday house a good investment?

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There’s nothing better than getting away over the festive season to one of the many picturesque holiday destinations Australia has to offer. Whether you prefer to head north or south, a change of scenery can get you thinking about investing in a holiday house of your own. It’s important to determine whether you want to Read More

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Just add equity: improving your asset’s value

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When it comes to selling or refinancing your property, your aim is to enhance the value of your asset to its maximum. Improving your home in simple ways can help attract more interest from the market, allowing you to command a higher price or stronger valuation. The zones that benefit most from cosmetic renovation are Read More

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Timing the market.

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Given Australia’s historically low national cash rate, it’s a robust time for the property market – presenting ideal conditions for property investment and the chance for first time buyers to ‘get in’ at a low interest rate, too. Many looking to buy property – either as owner-occupiers or investors – might be sitting on the Read More

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The Money Smart Tips of 2016

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2016 could be the year that you pay off your home loan, or free yourself from debt – or purchase your first home or investment property. Why not make your New Year’s resolution to be better with your budget and save some money? These tips are designed to help you make the most of your Read More

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Selling your Property in Summer? Increase its Value

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Summer is a great time to sell and a better time to renovate. People are in a better mood – the future looks bright and they’re looking for home loans to secure their future house and haven.  Renovating your house to increase its value is just plain easy in summer – if it’s not too Read More

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Buying an investment property “Off-the-Plan” – should you do it?

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With 2016 on the horizon, are you thinking ‘new year, new property investment’? If you’re considering expanding your portfolio, you’ll likely be weighing up the benefits of purchasing a new asset ‘off the plan’ versus acquiring an existing residence. While the concept of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property you can’t physically Read More

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