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Sometimes your finances need a jump-start. Refinancing your mortgage is a common and viable option for many Australians seeking to improve their financial situation.

Put simply, refinancing your home loan means that you replace your current loan agreement with a brand new one that offers you better conditions to suit your current needs.

Financial challenges, changing life circumstances and lower rates are some of the reasons that mortgage holders choose to refinance.

The process to refinance your mortgage is made easier when you’re dealing with AAA. We’re the industry experts in Adelaide, and we know exactly how to help you.

Just What Are The Perks of Refinancing?

A mortgage refinance is a financial manoeuvre that could open up other opportunities for you. Below are some common options.

No Monthly Fees

Some home loans come loaded with monthly fees. These cover administrative costs and other associated expenses. A refinance may help you to avoid these fees.

Split Loan

A split loan usually refers to a loan that has two different interest rates. One part of it is fixed, and the other is variable, or subject to change.

You can also choose to have two parts of your loan with variable rates if your cash flow improves and you choose to speed up your repayments on the loan.

A split loan offers you the best of both financial worlds. You can take advantage of interest rate decreases, while having the security of a fixed interest rate to fall back on should they rise again.

Extra Spending Money

Sometimes you’ll need a bit of extra cash. Using your home’s equity and refinancing your mortgage can help you to raise those extra dollars in a time of need.

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