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Loan Help: Paying off debt sooner

Is your home loan working for or against you?

It may have been the best choice when you took the loan out but circumstances change and you should consider a review to see if your loan is still the best option for you. Owning your home sooner creates wealth and frees up money to do other things.

Refinancing your current loan for better conditions and considering consolidating those high interest debts such as credit cards or personal loans may help you save thousands and years of the term of your loan.

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You should reassess your home loan at least every 12 months. A change in your circumstances should also prompt a home loan review. This could include:

  • A pay rise and/or new job.
  • A growing family.
  • Your children beginning to support themselves financially.
  • Increasing or decreasing property values.
  • At the end of a Fixed Rate period.
  • Changing interest rates.

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