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Blog: Top 3 freebies you can get with a home loan

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While it may seem like all you are doing is paying fees and service charges in order to achieve the homeowner's dream, there are a few things you can get free of charge to help you get a foot up on the property ladder.

Free property reports

One service you can get free through your mortgage broker is access to free property reports.

This allows you to research the options and trends in the area before you jump in and purchase a new property.

The report helps you understand current market conditions and will provide you with population statistics and potential rent returns . These are good pieces of data to have on hand if you are thinking about renting the property out

You can also learn about the sales of comparable properties in the area and trends such as median prices and capital growth.

Free credit reports

Your credit history is taken into account when applying for a home loan, so the opportunity to see what your credit report looks like is one you should take up. Fortunately, you can do this for free.

To get a copy of your credit history all you need to do is supply some personal details, such as your name, date of birth and driver's licence number to a credit reporting agency. If you require it urgently, there may be a small charge. However, most reports are free.

Free appointments with a mortgage broker

If you are planning to purchase property, it would be silly to discount this free service. Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of reports, products and lenders so they are bound to find helpful information for you.

With all of this, a mortgage broker may be able to tailor a loan package to suit your individual needs.

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