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Blog: Fooling Yourself Into Better Finances.

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Saving is a tricky business. Some of us are born cash hoarders, while others seem to leak money from our wallets the second we step outside – or log onto the web! Making some small – almost imperceptible changes to your lifestyle can help you achieve savings goals. Here are some great places to start:

Gather a list of luxury items that you don’t really need. From cafe coffees to that weekly magazine or regular beauty treatment -put the cash you’d spend on these luxuries straight into a separate savings account. You’ll be surprised at how quickly savings add up – and how much of your income you were spending on unnecessary things!

For longer-term financial goals, consider setting up automated debits into a high-interest savings account on your ‘pay day’. Such automated savings can substantially boost your balance whilst minimizing your sense of budgetary restriction.

For more advice on revamping your spending habits whilst working towards financial goals, take time to meet with your trusted broker. We’ll assess your expenditure and suggest realistic ways to improve your financial position.

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