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Best Interest Rates

Are you looking for the best interest rate in town?

As you may have heard, we will find you a great low rate, but we don’t stop there. That’s because interest rates are not the only thing to look for in a mortgage!

We will guide you through the benefits of other possible mortgage features, such as:

  • 100% offset account
  • Line of credit
  • A good redraw facility
  • No monthly fees
  • Ability to split the loan and many more features, some of which you may not have even heard of.

Have a chat with us today. With over 200 loan options available, our mortgage advisors will discuss all the suitable features including best available rates.

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Current Interest Rates

The interest rates below are subject to change and are correct as of March 6th, 2020. Please contact us on 1300 555 888 to get an up to date rate.

Product Rate Comparison Rate
Basic 2.74% pa 2.76% pa
Professional Pack 2.80% pa 2.82% pa
1 year fixed 2.64% pa 4.22% pa
2 year fixed 2.59% pa 4.06% pa
3 year fixed 2.49% pa 3.89% pa
5 year fixed 2.74% pa 3.73% pa
Line of credit 3.79% pa NA

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