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Your home is not perfect: the value of pest and building inspections

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They say that home is where the heart is. And it’s true that we spend so much of our time, money and emotions in our homes. So it can be hard to truly look at them and think that something could be wrong. But when you’re selling your home, or looking to rent it out Read More

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APRA suggests banks relax key lending criteria.

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Here’s a bit of good news: you may be able to borrow more for your next home loan after the prudential regulator sent a letter to the banks asking them to relax a key lending criteria. In a letter to lenders, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has proposed removing its guidance that lenders should Read More

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What the re-elected Coalition government has promised


No doubt, like most, you’re suffering from a bit of election fatigue. But stick with us – here’s one last article that explains what you can expect from the 46th parliament of Australia. With the Coalition securing enough seats to form a majority Morrison government, this week we thought we’d recap a number of key Read More

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How the new govt scheme could give you a head start on property.

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Did you know that it takes four to seven years for the average household to save a 20% deposit for their first home and avoid paying lender’s mortgage insurance? However, a new scheme promises to drastically reduce that time by dropping the required deposit to just 5%. As you may have seen, the Coalition government Read More

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Found an account transaction error? Don’t foot the bill.

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Most of us have found ourselves in a sticky situation where we’ve spotted an unauthorised or mistaken transaction on our bank account or credit card statement. Here’s how to avoid footing the bill. The average Australian makes about 480 electronic transactions each year – and that number is rising quickly. Amongst these daily transactions, both Read More

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Interested in increasing your rental returns by up to 30%?

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What would you say if we told you that you could potentially increase your rental returns by up to 30% simply by ticking a box? You’d probably call us ‘barking mad’. But according to new research by Domain Group data, median asking rents for pet-friendly properties are higher than for homes that don’t allow pets Read More

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Will the RBA cut the cash rate this month?

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We don’t like to dust off the old crystal ball and speculate very often, but there’s been so much noise about whether the RBA will cut the official cash rate this Tuesday that we feel compelled to address it. 30 meetings in a row. That’s how long the RBA has kept the record low official Read More

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