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The house price fall we had to have: Deloitte

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It may seem as though every time you open a newspaper there’s another story about the sky falling in on the property market. But here’s why it’s being labelled the “house price fall we had to have”. We’ve all seen the news. Auction clearance rates are down, property prices are dipping, loans are becoming harder Read More

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Keen for a sea change? Beat the Millennial rush.

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Buying a house by the sea in a little known coastal town is no longer reserved for retirees. New research shows that those flocking to coastal towns are now predominately young families. Most of us have dreamt of the days when we’ll one day be able to afford a house nestled down by the sea Read More

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Farewell negative gearing and CGT discount?

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You’ve probably seen ‘negative gearing’ and ‘capital gains tax’ in the news recently. That’s because they’re set to become hot topics ahead of the next federal election. Today we’ll take a look at both. If you’re an aspiring first home buyer, negative gearing and capital gains tax (CGT) are things that you may have heard Read More

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Why is the bank saying I can’t service a loan?

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A question we often get goes something along the lines of: ‘I make my repayments on time, and I save $1,000 per month, why is the bank saying I can’t service a loan?’ Here’s how banks conduct loan serviceability. When a bank calculates loan serviceability, they are essentially evaluating your ability to pay back a Read More

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