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Selling your Property in Summer? Increase its Value

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A Young Couple Holding Paint Rollers Outside Their Home

Summer is a great time to sell and a better time to renovate. People are in a better mood – the future looks bright and they’re looking for home loans to secure their future house and haven.  Renovating your house to increase its value is just plain easy in summer – if it’s not too Read More

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Buying an investment property “Off-the-Plan” – should you do it?

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With 2016 on the horizon, are you thinking ‘new year, new property investment’? If you’re considering expanding your portfolio, you’ll likely be weighing up the benefits of purchasing a new asset ‘off the plan’ versus acquiring an existing residence. While the concept of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property you can’t physically Read More

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Happy Christmas 2015

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There is no time more fitting than now to say ~  Thank You ~ The team at AAA Mortgage Solutions wish you a happy holiday season and a year of health happiness and prosperity Tips to avoid overspending this Christmas Make a list, and check it twice – work out exactly who you wish to Read More

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A List of The Most Affordable Suburbs in Adelaide

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A Rainbow Over some Modern Homes

In recent times Adelaide has become much, much more than just the city of churches and a popular place to go on winery tours.  It has become an Australian mecca of affordable property – both for first home buyers or those looking to purchase an investment property. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a blog Read More

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Saving is a tricky business

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Some of us are born cash hoarders, while others seem to leak money from our wallets the second we step outside – or log onto the web! Making some small – almost imperceptible – changes to your lifestyle can help you achieve savings goals. Here are some great places to start: Gather a list of Read More

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